Henry and Aby and Red

Henry and Aby and Red

‘Can’t we stop and rest awhile?’ Henry was grumbling again.

Aby, who was skittering between Red in the lead and Henry lagging behind, whispered so only Henry could hear ‘No, we have to keep moving. Night time is the best time. We can rest all day tomorrow.’ Aby was worried what Red would do to Henry if she heard him whimpering like this.

Henry stopped and sat down. He had never been this far before on his travels following Red and Aby. He was intrigued by what they got up to and was determined to find out where they spent their time each night. Ever since they moved in to share his apartment, he had become more and more entranced by their goings on. His life was boring in comparison. He left for the 6.45 each morning and was home on the 5.35 six days a week. Evenings were usually spent in front of the television. Unless it was his big night out, when he played five hundred with his card playing buddies. Oh, yes, they were jokers. They laughed and teased him when he told them he had taken in the two girls.

Red was definitely leading him astray. She wanted something from him though he wasn’t sure what. She was a beauty. Long, lithe limbs, red hair, short (the way he liked it), and the most brilliant green eyes he had ever seen. Not a stay at home girl, that’s for sure. He laughed at the thought. No, that wasn’t Red.

Aby wasn’t too bad on the eyes either. Slimmer than Red, less muscular though still toned, big brown eyes. But very skittish, almost hyperactive, jumpy, always moving. Enough to get on your nerves after a while. Particularly when all he wanted was a quiet night. Huh, not with these two in the household.

Now things were different. He had started following Aby and Red at night, surreptitiously at first. After a few nights, the tables were turned on Henry when the girls backtracked and found him out. Now they lead him to places he had never been before. He saw sights that were unknown in his protective cocoon of a suburb. The dark nights were addictive and he stayed out to almost dawn.

His work suffered. He started going in late, then not at all. He ignored his secretary’s calls to his home, to his mobile phone. He missed the branch meeting where he was to present the monthly figures. It was unheard of at Beacham, Beeglam and Associates for Henry to miss a day of work. He spent his days sleeping, recovering from the nights out, from the carousing with the girls and the shady customers he met on their travels. He kept the curtains and blinds drawn in the apartment during the day. He occasionally woke while it was daylight to find both girls in his room, staring at him. His friends stopped calling. They muttered to each other and the newly recruited five hundred player that he had changed, that he was going mad. Henry didn’t tell them what he did at night, only that he was enjoying the company of Aby and Red, which was true. He could tell they didn’t understand.

No, I’ll just rest here awhile. If Red wants me, if she wants to come home with me, she’ll come back, he thought.

Aby sat next to him and lightly brushed her body against his chest. She nudged his neck and nipped his ear. Henry sat still, not sure what game she was playing. She continued purring into his ear and his will weakened. He breathed in her perfume and reached for her. He tenderly ran his palm down her back and then back up to her neck where he just lightly brushed against her skin.

Red came up unseen by the two lovers. Henry sensed her before he saw her, then was shocked at her actions. She whacked out at Aby, slashed her face, leaving a gash spewing blood. Henry tried to leap out of the way but was caught by Red. She held him down, her muscular body heavy against his softened flesh and muscles weakened by an indoors existence. She licked his neck then bit into the flesh.

‘Yeow!’ He struggled but she had him pinned down. He could feel a poison course through his body, weakening him. She called Aby who obediently followed her command and took over holding Henry down. Red licked first at Aby, cleaning her wound, then started cleaning Henry’s neck, readying it for what Henry could not tell.

‘Owwwwww,’ Henry howled. He could not believe the pain. It was sharp, it was pulsing, it was draining. Aby released him but he could not move. He was paralysed. Both Red and Aby hungrily lapped up the blood flowing freely from the exposed artery, not in the delicate way he was used to when they would lap at the milk he put into their saucer. He was losing consciousness but not before seeing the tawny Abyssinian and the red Burmese exchange satisfied looks and sit back to clean their paws and wipe their bloodied faces.

Aby and Red clean each other in the most loving way, then saunter off, looking for their next victim. The cat lover who will look after them and feed them and pet them. Until the next time their desire leads them astray.

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