The writing on the (palace) wall

Annie’s Freedom
Background to Annie’s Freedom


Henry and Aby and Red
– an attempt at something – horror? – not sure what this would be categorised under.

Revenge of the Spammers
– an attempt at a spoof horror scifi written at a time when there was great excitement in the online writing group about submissions for a publication.

I few years ago I became a member of an online writing group.  I miss it but I know that when I start writing, I don’t stop til dawn. That is not good on a week night! My current excuse for not writing is my study, it comes first. Except when procrastination sets in and I am rambling on at Rivoli Palace.

I have a lifetime love of writing, starting with attempts at an African odyssey at the age of 9 when I dreamt of reliving Born Free, to nuns at primary school crossing out words such as ‘annihilate’ in my pre-pubescent angst, to starting my first gritty crime novel at the age of 13 (I wrote one chapter).

My day job entails a great deal of writing but unfortunately in the style of project briefs and case histories. They say life begins at 40, and so has my fiction writing been reborn. I still have a gritty crime novel in there somewhere.

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