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Repurposed vintage grass catchers as plant containers

Not sure how well the photo will show up these gorgeous vintage metal push mower grass catchers. These belong to an age when things were built to last. So much so, my budget (read second-hand) brand name drill found it difficult to punch holes for water drainage. Hence only one is planted up so far with Popcorn Petunias (a plant name that lives up to its hype).

Repurposed plant containers from grass catchers

The set of three (above) I picked up along the roadside when the hard rubbish collection was on. The below Super 12! grass catcher came from the rubbish tip shop and had to be purchased with its push mower. But I love both items and use the mower as a garden deco item. Some people restore these but I’m happy with my more modern mower.

Super 12! Grass catcher repurposed as a plant container!

Lone nasturtium flower amongst the petunias

Stand is from the rubbish tip shop, container is an old plastic bucket, v cheap watering can from big name hardware store, and a few garden deco items!


The latest project – upcycling a cabinet door into a frame – part two

Hi. Back with an update on the project. Remember I was repurposing an old cabinet door into a frame.

It started with this ...

Last weekend I sanded down the door and tried a spray on primer.

The “primed” item looked dreadful. I can’t show you a photo. Too embarrassed. I made such a shocking mess I spent time searching the internet and asking advice.

What not to do with spray painting (all kinds for that matter):

  • Don’t go heavy, keep it to a light coat
  • Don’t spray paint on a windy day
  • Don’t mow the lawn and leave grass clippings to be blown about and get stuck to newly painted item!

Taking on board some good advice, I decided that I would get an electric sander and see if that would help. The type I got has an extra drop down “mini” sander attachment for small detail work.  The thing I find strange is the sander looks sort of like an iron. I know how to use one of those.

I then found at the hardware store a couple of marked down sample pots of mis-mixed paints in colours I like. And my sister-in-law mentioned using a foam roller (the craft size that comes with its own tray). Brilliant suggestion Rach.

So this weekend the project continued with a sanding down and a clean up with a damp rag to pick up the dust the sander hadn’t collected in its little dust collector container.

The paint rolled on beautifully with the mini foam roller. So easy. I gotta say this is the way to go. No mess like with the spray paint. And the fumes weren’t potentially lethal. I know I will use the spray paint again, particularly with finicky items, but this will be my preferred style from now on.

The first coat using a foam paint roller

I  liked the accidental effect of the white trim and decided to leave as is.

Up early Sunday morning for the second coat – so quick and easy – then spent the day with friends visiting the art: market and lunching in a wonderfully upcycled historical building on the wharf. Home again to finish the project.

I chose a vintage fruit crate label as the item to be “framed” by the “cabinet door”, via decoupage.

It dries clear

Ignore the air bubbles (I’m trying to).

The finished project. Not too bad for first effort. I like it.