The latest project – upcycling a cabinet door into a frame – part one

My latest project suits my vintage decorating style which a friend once described as a cross between shabby chic and french provincial. I like to call it Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.

Yesterday – vintage

Today – technology

Tomorrow – trend setting.

Okay, maybe not so much the latter but I’ve been practising the current diy trend of reusing and upcyling for years, from the coffee table made out of a door back in the 80s to my most recent fun finds of turning a vintage radiogram cabinet into a bar. That is, if I get round to that project. My lack of woodwork experience has lead to me trying this simple project first before I work my way up to restoration and french polishing.

So here it is my first project item – amongst more of my vintage finds –

Small cabinet door

So many items I have at my house have not been purchased new. Many people move to Tassie, buy a house load of brand new furniture and then move interstate in six months, not wanting to pay the quite substantial removalist cost.

Given this is a test project, I haven’t yet worked out what I will frame within the cabinet door frame. I thought the butterfly print (actually a card) would suit, but the dimensions are not right for it. Though this may look different after I paint the door.

Trying to choose what to frame ...

Some prep work.

Now, the painting. There will be a part two to this project write up. It may be a how-not-to diy project post. We’ll see.

Crafty greens

Spring weather always brings on a craving for salads for me. So I have been out
in the garden toiling away. But my problem with growing fresh and tasty veg and
salad greens is that I tend to plant and forget.

So I took on the advice from my stash of gardening mags and am growing them close to the door. [The veg that is, not the magazines, though they tend to grow better than anything I plant.] Easy access and easy to remember to water them when I leave the house and return. The sunny front porch provided an excellent heat source to kick start the potatoes and zucchini, which I planted way too early but they are thriving as you can see.

Zucchini in a hanging growbag

Purple Gem and Nicola potatoes in growbags on the porch

The zucchini is in an upside down hanging growbag. I added nasturtiums to attract bees to pollinate the flowers. I think I overplanted the potato sacks but we’ll see closer to Christmas. One lot grew faster than the other so hopefully I’ll have a staggered supply of high antioxidant purple gems and yummy Nicola taters.

I have the shallow rooted salad greens planted in small tubs with holes drilled in the bottom for drainage. My plan is to have a series of tubs of greens on the go,
resowing seed every few weeks. That then presented me with a dilemma. How to
keep track of which greens were which?

So here we have the Mesclun mix of lettuce.

Recycling your greens

Easy as. The idea came from a recycling site on the web (I’ll try to find it again to give credit). The site had people drilling holes in wine corks, but I found I could simply push a nail in easily and then twist the skewer through to where it sat stable.

I can simply write labels directly on the white containers I have. Can’t do that yet though as I can’t remember which one had the rocket seeds and which has the Drunken Woman lettuce. Yes, that is a name of lettuce variety from The Lost Seed, and not the reason for not remembering which one is planted with which.

Drunken Woman Lettuce. Or is it Rocket?

I’m having similar problems – as in identifying which pot has which plant – with the mini pumpkin, yellow squash, and the remaining zucchini seedlings. The leaves look exactly the same to me. Can anyone tell me how to identify them? Or I can wait and be surprised.

In future I will be recycling more champagne corks and the like as labels
when I plant, not after. Old CDs  reportedly make good labels too. I wonder if they will detract birds too?

Do you have any tips to share?

Having fun with iphone photography apps

How much fun can it be?


A whole new jumble of fun has come my way thanks to iPhone photography apps. These marvels have reignited my love of photography. The apps allow a novice like me to play creatively without a darkroom or expensive software.

Instagram provides more still – a community. Pop on over and say hi – my Instagram ID is rivolipalace.

Here are a few of the resulting photos I have inflicted on the Instagram community.

I list the apps I have used in these photos at the end. Some photos use more than one app.


PS Express



The Twitter Tworld

Have just joined the Twitter Tworld. In between tweeting, retweeting, & generally trying to work out why people are on there, I did come across these gems.

See below pics & story:

CNN show their knowledge of Australia.
At least Tassie gets on the map.

Snow storm in the states.

Neil Diamond’s birthday cake.

Click thru to read latest PC news story –

Fun ideas I would like to see at the gym

I fondly remember all the fun stuff we did at school. Not the learning stuff – the stuff before school and at lunch. And, no, not smoking behind the toilets – that came later… The games we played kept us active and all the while we didn’t realise it was all about fitness (our 60 minutes a day) and being a team player.

Do you remember skipping? We took turns at holding the ends of a long rope and played skipping games. The loser invariably got to hold the end of the rope.

A couple of variations courtesy of Go For Your Life

  • Run through the rope one at a time in a figure eight formation … try not to miss a loop!
  • How many people can you have skipping at one time?
  • Jump the creek. Use 2 skipping ropes, lay them out on the ground and see if you can ‘jump the creek’, that is, jump over both ropes. Try and make the creek wider each time by moving the skipping ropes further apart.

Remember these sing-a-long chants?

Gypsy, Gypsy please tell me

What my fortune’s going to be

Rich-man, Poor-man, Beggar-man, Thief.

Doc-tor, Law-yer, In-di-an Chief.

Tink-er, Tail-or, Cow-boy, Sail-or.


“Two little dickie birds sittin’ on the wall” two players jump in

“One named Peter, one named Paul” each player waves at their name

“Fly away, Peter, fly away, Paul” the player exits the rope as name is called

“Don’t you come back ’till your birthday’s called”

“January, February…December” the player returns when their month is called

“Now fly away, fly away, fly away all” players both exit the rope.

How about:

  • Hopscotch? I am so tempted to get some chalk and a pebble and go out to play this right now!
  • Handball? Sevens, I think, was one game. I played this so much at home, bouncing the tennis ball against the house wall, I must have driven my mother to a migraine or two over other years.
  • Red Rover? At one school we played this every morning before the bell rang. I was a good sprinter so was always picked first (after best friends) for a team. As opposed to ball game teams where my lack of coordination usually had me picked close to, if not, last.
  • The monkey bar with long bars and hoops? I used to think I was a trapeze artist. Lucky the sand was relatively soft to land on. The steel bars were real hot in summer too.
  • Hula hooping? Ah, I was so good at this. The waist would be whittled down if I was now.

Why is it so? V.2

Why is it I do not consider myself to be superstitious, yet when I change the volume on the TV I cannot leave the volume level on 13?

Now this is clever

A misspent youth … err … puppyhood

Nora the piano player