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The Atheist’s Hymnal – cover versions dedicated to the lord

Warning: safe for atheists and agnostics

Jake hears his calling


I remember the day I became an atheist. I didn’t know the word existed then, but I certainly recall the day in Grade 2 – all of six years of age – sitting in a circle with my classmates listening to the Catholic school primary teacher reading bible stories and thinking – these are just stories. This was in the day when the immaculate conception, virgin birth and all the other miracles were taken as gospel. I mean, taken literally. And the Catholics were good at indoctrination through vivid storytelling. I believe I’m suffering PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) acquired through vicarious trauma from one story told by a nun when I was in Grade 6.  

Anyways, I rather surprised myself today to find that I was listening to a custom music cover version mixtape (ahem, a CD I put together) featuring a few songs that mention the good lord, as the sisters would have thought him.  

So here are three of my favourites.  

  • Personal Jesus by Jazzistic featuring Karen Souza (originally Depeche Mode) 


  • Plastic Jesus by Billy Idol 


See Paul Newman sing Plastic Jesus in the movie Cool Hand Luke  

  •  Dear God by Sarah McLachlan (originally XTC) 


I wonder what The Penguin would say? 


Cover Versions – The Rolling Stones

I have posted about covers before but after reading a few blog posts panning the much maligned and misunderstood cover version I just have to share again a few of my favourites.

This post concentrates on covers of The Rolling Stones songs  (and, yes, I know the Stones cover a great many numbers themselves). The following are all excellent covers that are, in my conceitedly assertive and dogmatic very humble opinion, better than the original Stones’ versions. Perhaps it is the strong female voice in each that lends such a contrast. The lyrics are more differentiated and, dare I say it, more emotional than the Mick Jagger strut. Anyhow, check these out and decide for yourself:

  • (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction by Cat Power

Satisfaction by Bjork and PJ Harvey is either loved or hated (you can’t be a middling with this one) but if you know either of the artist’s music, then you will probably love it.

And don’t forget Bette Midler’s Beast of Bourbon and Patti Smith’s Gimme Shelter.

Covers Sites

The best are blogrolled to the right at MUSIC PLAYING AT THE PALACE … or check them out below:


New music – donate for Haiti

Download for donation unreleased music by Linkin Park, Dave Matthews Band, Peter Gabriel, Alanis Morissette, Slash, The All-American Rejects, Hoobastank, Kenna, Enrique Iglesias and Lupe Fiasco.

You can listen to and download the MP3s here – It took a few minutes for the email to come through with the link back to download the album but all was fine after that. Making the donation is painless through PayPal.

Have to say I like this one! And the donation goes to a needed area.

Music playing at the palace

Recently heard playing at the Palace

That Song About The Midway by Bonnie Raitt (Joni Mitchell)

Devil in Disguise by Lightspeed Champion (Elvis Presley)

No Expectations by Odetta (The Rolling Stones)

Let it Bleed by Johnny Winter (The Rolling Stones)

  • One might think I’m a Stones fan and you would be right, mostly cause I’m a fan of the Blues (can you be a fan of the Blues?). 

Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu (Live) by Phoebe Snow (Traditional – poem by Chaucer according to Phoebe Snow)

Monday reminder – cover versions

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Monday reminder – cover versions

New post on Cover Freak

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New posts at Cover Me

New posts at Cover Lay Down

Same blogster at Star Maker Machine as at Cover Lay Down – no idea why it took me so long to find this one.

I like it when the websites include a method of streaming (playing) the music – Star Maker Machine does just that. Try it out. Just click on the play button for the song and the player will start.

Honest Lynn – it is that easy.

Computer illiterate dolt

I can’t believe I have just spent so much time trying to work out the computer problem I was having. Days I spent trying different configurations, researching the web, putting up with inferior performance or with no performance. And all for … well, I can’t quite bring myself to admit it just yet. Give me time.

The problem:

My brand spanking new you beaut 2.1 channel external speakers cracked a narnie. Then the laptop speakers did the same thing. They both worked – sort of. The external speakers produced a distorted heavy bass noise with the right speaker not producing anything (except when I did the sound tests from the Control Panel – then it binged away like there was no tomorrow). I did discover though that my laptop can take 5.1 speakers. Great. The potential of having something sounding like a male Bjork on a bad day coming out of the rear speaker didn’t quite make my day all sunny and lite.

I disconnected the external speakers and went back to trying the laptop speakers. But they were contortionists too. Their sound was like Marilyn Manson on a good day. And I was playing The Carpenters at the time.

Let me say that when I first connected the speakers they were working great. In fact, so great I stopped watching tv and spent my time listening to iTunes instead. That lead to me using the computer more, fiddling with settings, doing a disk cleanup, defrag (the first since buying the laptop) and finally backing up both to the laptop D: drive and the external hard drive. Whew! This was all good, except for the newly developed distortions.

A check of computer forums to find a solution introduced me to a whole new language. I picked through the nerd drivel to find a pearler of a suggestion – to remove the external hard drive from the power board as its plug was one of those international travel adaptor styles. Wowee! This one change produced great sound from the laptop, but alas no change to the external speakers.

Time to  get out the box to repack the external speakers and come up with a suitable reason for return, given I knew the speakers worked when I first got them. I decided to play the computer illiterate dolt – the staff at the store had met me a few times so I knew I could pull it off no worries. (The tv antenna story is for another time, folks, so back to the computer speaker problem. Thank you.)

Now, it was a combination of something from one of the nerd forums, finding out about the 5.1 channel speakers, and deciding to give it one more go that lead to the solution.

You wanna know?

You sure?

Oh, okay, I’ve had a glass of wine now so I will …

I had been plugging the external speaker line into the wrong hole.

There you have it. Days I struggled over this.

The sound is all good now.

I’m now listening to Flower Lady by Linda Draper (a Phil Ochs cover). Nice.

J. Tillman knows me

I will never be a blogster who announces new music. Or the latest anything. I tend to catch up about six months after everyone else.

This one though is only about three months old.  The song is hauntingly beautiful.

J. Tillman  Though I Have Wronged You  (click thru to Stereogum – free MP3) 

The music video is a much watch. At first I thought someone knew me only too well.

I feel disconnected.
How so?
I’ve been noticing how the first thing I do in the morning is get on the internet.

Click thru for the vid.