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61 Hours by Lee Child review on goodreads

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The latest review is for 61 Hours by Lee Child.

61 Hours (Jack Reacher, #14)61 Hours by Lee Child

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

61 Hours was my introduction to Reacher. And what an introduction.

Reacher is a loner, a former military police officer highly trained in offence, defense and weaponry. He travels throughout the States as he has spent his former life travelling the world but does not know his own country. It seems that each town he walks into has trouble afoot. And who best – with his tortured moral code – to tackle the trouble head on?

Lee Child has honed his tight thriller writing and character development that is sadly lacking in the 2nd and 3rd Reacher novels I’m trying to get past halfway through. The first in the series Killing Floor has the best first paragraph / first chapter I have come across in a thriller. He put a lot of work into it – certainly wanted the manuscript bought and published. Give me a later novel from the series and I’m hooked. Cancel all social engagements – I’m with Reacher til the last page is turned.

A memorable illustration of Reacher’s fast reflexes – He tells of an Army psychological study of reactions to fear in children when Reacher was six years old. This has stuck in my mind – possibly because of a fascination with the studies that were conducted back in the 50s, 60s and 70s before they were banned (think Pavlov’s studies done on children, the jail study, the electric shock experiment).

A friend tracks how many times Reacher showers / changes his tshirt through the novels. It’s a compelling occupation, only I get too caught up in the story to properly remember the (rather low) numbers. But I shall leave this with you in case you don’t get so caught up.

Cheers and happy reading.

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Books on the bedside table

A snapshot of books currently on (or towering beside) the bedside table at the Palace.

Blind Date – Frances Fyfield

  • I picked this up at a Lifeline bookstore without realising I had read it before. Still good the second time round.

Lucky goes to Sea – Frank Robson (follow-up to Lucky For Me)

  • I haven’t read Marley & Me yet (or seen the movie) as I came across Lucky For Me and developed a stubborn refusal to accept any other book that could measure up to this well written, heartwarming and unforgettable story of a pint-sized terror terrier.

Perish Twice – Robert B. Parker

  • I discovered Robert B. Parker novels a couple of years ago on eBay. The seller expressly stated he only wanted someone who would appreciate being introduced to the creator of the hard-boiled PI, Spenser. The books lived up to the hype and I passed them on in a similar way. Perish Twice is Parker’s second novel with the PI Sunny Randall.

Learned Optimism – Martin Seligman

  • This one is likely to sit by the bedside, untouched, right through the holidays.

Aunts up the Cross – Robin Eakin

  • Picked this up from a charity shop sellout. First published 1965. I couldn’t resist the telling of  maiden aunts in Kings Cross, Sydney, in times gone by. How is this for an opening line:
  • My great-aunt Juliet was knocked over and killed by a bus when she was 85. The bus was travelling very slowly in the right direction and could hardly have been missed by anyone except Aunt Juliet, who must have been travelling fairly fast in the wrong direction.

Who do you want to be today? – Trinny & Susannah

  • Bought this as a gift and ended up keeping it. Oops.

Why dogs are better than cats – Bradley Trevor Greive

  • Tongue in cheek humour (I hope for Henry’s sake) and photography that makes you want to reach out and touch the pages. A must have coffee table book. Note to self – return to coffee table.  

Lucky for Me : Adventures With a Seafaring, Cat-Hating, Tree-Climbing Dog