About the Palace

Welcome to Rivoli Palace, the royal residence of the Rivoli lineage of Blogsvania. The Palace is situated on a hill overlooking Blog Lake and has a maze more complicated than CSS and XHTML. The architecture is reminiscent of the baroque …






Try staring at that carpet all day!

You live in a four bedroom brick box with apricot walls, grey diamond patterned carpet and unmentionable tiles in the shower cubicle.

Ah, yes, well, maybe not. Let’s start again.

Rivoli Palace is a place for my ramblings, meanderings, and the occasional rant.

I would have more properly called this The Kitchen Sink, only that blog name was already taken. Suggestions from friends for a name for this blog  were no better. What tha? had connotations of WTF, which may or may not accurately reflect the ramblings from Rivoli Palace.

Here you will find updates of the generic kind – not so much what I’ve done in the last five minutes – 

Hey, just rushed inside to update Rivoli Palace with the news that I’m playing fetch with the dog. It was funny, the dog …

but more of a generic list of topics I sometimes think about and may or may not send you a text or email to share such thoughts.

I may add a note or two from the pampered pooches in the Palace though.

Better go. Just thought of a great topic to write about… catch you next post.

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