Feeling crafty

Despite my harrowing adventures with DIY laundry tables and upcycling cabinet doors (I love both finished products), I have continued my misadventures into DIY. Only I have tackled the world that is craft.

And came up with homemade peg pin ups – perfect for pinning reminders, photos or the children’s artwork to the fridge. Or brighten the whiteboard at work.

These are wood clothespins (the old fashioned pegs we used in my mother’s day, before the proliferation of plastic pegs), hand painted (sanded and given a second coat), and decorated. Some of the pegs are dyed instead of painted. I superglue strong magnets to the back of each of the pegs.

A few people foolishly encouraged me and I have even sold a few. I thought at first people were just being nice, but then people who had seen what their friend had just bought would come up to me and ask for the same. I have sold out of my supplies for the imaginatively titled Choo Choo Train Peg Pin Ups.

Choo Choo Train Peg Pin Ups

And here are some camouflaged caterpillars …


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