The latest project – upcycling a cabinet door into a frame – part one

My latest project suits my vintage decorating style which a friend once described as a cross between shabby chic and french provincial. I like to call it Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.

Yesterday – vintage

Today – technology

Tomorrow – trend setting.

Okay, maybe not so much the latter but I’ve been practising the current diy trend of reusing and upcyling for years, from the coffee table made out of a door back in the 80s to my most recent fun finds of turning a vintage radiogram cabinet into a bar. That is, if I get round to that project. My lack of woodwork experience has lead to me trying this simple project first before I work my way up to restoration and french polishing.

So here it is my first project item – amongst more of my vintage finds –

Small cabinet door

So many items I have at my house have not been purchased new. Many people move to Tassie, buy a house load of brand new furniture and then move interstate in six months, not wanting to pay the quite substantial removalist cost.

Given this is a test project, I haven’t yet worked out what I will frame within the cabinet door frame. I thought the butterfly print (actually a card) would suit, but the dimensions are not right for it. Though this may look different after I paint the door.

Trying to choose what to frame ...

Some prep work.

Now, the painting. There will be a part two to this project write up. It may be a how-not-to diy project post. We’ll see.

2 responses to “The latest project – upcycling a cabinet door into a frame – part one

  1. I haven’t read the follow-up post from this project yet (obviously) but this would be a difficult spray painting project if the cabinets are sealed with a stain. You can get the majority of the stain off of the smooth, flat surfaces but the grooves will make it difficult for the paint to hold. My suggestion is to get a universal primer that adheres to many different surfaces. Do a light, even coat with the primer before doing 2-3 light, even coats of whatever paint color you want the final project to be.

  2. Hi. Thanks for visiting the Palace.

    Appreciate your advice mind you, it is purely by luck the primer I had was for wood stain. I certainly didn’t plan it. 🙂

    The grooves I had planned to sand back, then use poly to seal the final colour coat. I think that’s what I do. I’ve been researching it by visiting blogs like yours (btw love the chair and stained glass).

    I’m hoping to finish the project next weekend so check back then. I’m sure to have lots of what not to do tips. 😉


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