Crafty greens

Spring weather always brings on a craving for salads for me. So I have been out
in the garden toiling away. But my problem with growing fresh and tasty veg and
salad greens is that I tend to plant and forget.

So I took on the advice from my stash of gardening mags and am growing them close to the door. [The veg that is, not the magazines, though they tend to grow better than anything I plant.] Easy access and easy to remember to water them when I leave the house and return. The sunny front porch provided an excellent heat source to kick start the potatoes and zucchini, which I planted way too early but they are thriving as you can see.

Zucchini in a hanging growbag

Purple Gem and Nicola potatoes in growbags on the porch

The zucchini is in an upside down hanging growbag. I added nasturtiums to attract bees to pollinate the flowers. I think I overplanted the potato sacks but we’ll see closer to Christmas. One lot grew faster than the other so hopefully I’ll have a staggered supply of high antioxidant purple gems and yummy Nicola taters.

I have the shallow rooted salad greens planted in small tubs with holes drilled in the bottom for drainage. My plan is to have a series of tubs of greens on the go,
resowing seed every few weeks. That then presented me with a dilemma. How to
keep track of which greens were which?

So here we have the Mesclun mix of lettuce.

Recycling your greens

Easy as. The idea came from a recycling site on the web (I’ll try to find it again to give credit). The site had people drilling holes in wine corks, but I found I could simply push a nail in easily and then twist the skewer through to where it sat stable.

I can simply write labels directly on the white containers I have. Can’t do that yet though as I can’t remember which one had the rocket seeds and which has the Drunken Woman lettuce. Yes, that is a name of lettuce variety from The Lost Seed, and not the reason for not remembering which one is planted with which.

Drunken Woman Lettuce. Or is it Rocket?

I’m having similar problems – as in identifying which pot has which plant – with the mini pumpkin, yellow squash, and the remaining zucchini seedlings. The leaves look exactly the same to me. Can anyone tell me how to identify them? Or I can wait and be surprised.

In future I will be recycling more champagne corks and the like as labels
when I plant, not after. Old CDs  reportedly make good labels too. I wonder if they will detract birds too?

Do you have any tips to share?

4 responses to “Crafty greens

  1. It’s been a while since the Palace Person posted. How nice to be growing veggies knowing there is little chance of ruination from heat and humidity. Can the grow bag also be used for boxercise? You could run classes: veggie-fit. I will not charge you for this idea.

  2. j. cole
    Hi! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look ahead to all your posts! Carry on the great work!

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