Fun ideas I would like to see at the gym

I fondly remember all the fun stuff we did at school. Not the learning stuff – the stuff before school and at lunch. And, no, not smoking behind the toilets – that came later… The games we played kept us active and all the while we didn’t realise it was all about fitness (our 60 minutes a day) and being a team player.

Do you remember skipping? We took turns at holding the ends of a long rope and played skipping games. The loser invariably got to hold the end of the rope.

A couple of variations courtesy of Go For Your Life

  • Run through the rope one at a time in a figure eight formation … try not to miss a loop!
  • How many people can you have skipping at one time?
  • Jump the creek. Use 2 skipping ropes, lay them out on the ground and see if you can ‘jump the creek’, that is, jump over both ropes. Try and make the creek wider each time by moving the skipping ropes further apart.

Remember these sing-a-long chants?

Gypsy, Gypsy please tell me

What my fortune’s going to be

Rich-man, Poor-man, Beggar-man, Thief.

Doc-tor, Law-yer, In-di-an Chief.

Tink-er, Tail-or, Cow-boy, Sail-or.


“Two little dickie birds sittin’ on the wall” two players jump in

“One named Peter, one named Paul” each player waves at their name

“Fly away, Peter, fly away, Paul” the player exits the rope as name is called

“Don’t you come back ’till your birthday’s called”

“January, February…December” the player returns when their month is called

“Now fly away, fly away, fly away all” players both exit the rope.

How about:

  • Hopscotch? I am so tempted to get some chalk and a pebble and go out to play this right now!
  • Handball? Sevens, I think, was one game. I played this so much at home, bouncing the tennis ball against the house wall, I must have driven my mother to a migraine or two over other years.
  • Red Rover? At one school we played this every morning before the bell rang. I was a good sprinter so was always picked first (after best friends) for a team. As opposed to ball game teams where my lack of coordination usually had me picked close to, if not, last.
  • The monkey bar with long bars and hoops? I used to think I was a trapeze artist. Lucky the sand was relatively soft to land on. The steel bars were real hot in summer too.
  • Hula hooping? Ah, I was so good at this. The waist would be whittled down if I was now.

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