Dog tag:- Bella, the princess

What breed are you?
Papillon. I am descended from aristocracy. The word papillon is french and means butterfly. It makes reference to my magnificent ears.

How old are you?

That’s a rather impertinent question.

What is your full name?

Princess Bella

[Note from human: It is actually Bella the Princess. Slightly different, depending upon where one puts the emphasis, as in Bella the Princess.]

Do you have any nicknames?

Princess. Miss Madam.

Where do you usually sleep?

Up high on cushions or pillows, as befitting my status.

[Note from human: Yes, she does like her comfort.]

What is your favourite thing to do?





Who is your best friend?

Now, that would be Ziggy.

And Henry the cat. When he lets me play.

The human.

Teri, the dogwalker. 

The lady down the road.

Jack and Rachael (good memories there).

Robyn and Camus.


All our friends from the dogpark, except for the doberman.

I could go on.

Did you go to obedience school?

And what would obedience school be?

[Note from human: Err, yes, that would be my fault.

Perhaps finishing school?]

Can you do any tricks?

Another impertinent question.

Any last comments?

Your welcome.

2 responses to “Dog tag:- Bella, the princess

  1. Oh, you don’t know the half of it! 🙂

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