Dog tag:- Ziggy Stardust, you’re it!

What breed are you?

The human says I’m a designer dog gone wrong. I’m not sure what that means. Mum was a Pomeranian and dad was a Silky Terrier. Sometimes, the human tells other humans I’m a Long Haired Bowie Terrier.

How old are you?

8 years young this year. Still as sprightly as any two year old at the dog park. Just need longer sleeps.

What is your full name?

Ziggy Stardust.

Do you have any nicknames? 

Zig or Zigs. The Zigster is the human’s favourite.

Sometimes the human goes through all the names – Ziggy, Bella, Henry – and none of us are sure which one is in trouble. Best to avoid the human then.

Where do you usually sleep?

At night time on the bed. I try to stay away from the end where the human puts her feet cause when she moves about that can disturb my sleep. Daytime and early evening the best spot is on the lounge. When the human is on the computer I do like to be close by but that usually ends up with the same result as if I sleep too close to the human’s feet on the bed.

What is your favourite thing to do?

Play fetch. I decide when it starts and when it stops. Annoying when the human doesn’t want to play. But I just keep dropping the ball at her feet over and over again til I get her attention.

What is something unusual/interesting about you?

I am NOT named after Molly Meldrum’s dog/s. Though I am named after some famous human singer character. Apparently.

Who is your best friend?

The human. I’m her right hand man!

Then Henry. Not a bad old codger … for a cat.

Perhaps Bella, on a good day. What a princess!

Did you go to obedience school?

When I was just a pup, the human and I went to preschool at a place the human called the vet. I did like preschool cause they kept handing out chicken treats. Then I found out what else they do there  and you can’t get me inside that den of iniquity for all the chicken treats in the world. I mean, do you know what they did to my anal glands? They squeezed them!!! And as for another part of the anatomy – well, we won’t go there. Unmentionable. The human says it’s so there aren’t any other designer dogs gone wrong. Huh! And I said she was my best friend.

Oh, and the human talks about how no owner fails puppy preschool. If so, then why did we go to remedial classes? Huh, human???

Err, excuse me. Lost it there for a moment. Almost as upset as when the neighbour’s dog tries to do his business in the front yard.

Right. Back with you now.

Can you do any tricks?

Jump up high to catch the ball. Sit. Wait. Roll over. The last three we learnt at the remedial training. The first I do naturally. I also jump up high when the human brings out the dog lead. Over and over again. I get so excited. Then the human tells me to sit. And to wait.

Any last comments?

Can you edit out the stuff I said about the human? She took me to the beach the other day. That was cool!

Sniff you when next at the dog park or at the beach!


4 responses to “Dog tag:- Ziggy Stardust, you’re it!

  1. awww.. so cute. xD
    i wish dogs could communicate with us. xD

  2. I’m sure they try very hard to communicate with us … we just aren’t very good at picking up the cues.

    So glad you enjoyed Zigs star appearance on Rivoli Palace.

  3. Ok Zigs, Princess and Henry do look cute. Any suggestions in controlling a very good looking, very smart, very naughty, Staffy Pup???? So far we have lost: 5 sofa cushions, the foot rests off the weight machine, several badly made dog toys, one baby mobile, the seat off a childrens go cart, the plastic tubing off the old dishwasher, the end of an old wooden coffee table and almost one WHOLE recliner chair. I do not lie. We are very worried about the bricks that the house is made of!!! This puppy has been banished from his home by his mummy human as he played much too roughly with the newly arrived kittens. Daddy human is missing him and does visit. His human siblings are a little wary of him as well. They visit Nan and Pop and hope that the puppy is locked outside. We were told to buy an old tyre and hang it up for him to play with. My question is what happens when this puppy finds out tyres belong on cars and starts to eat one of the cars? This puppy’s human uncle wants to take him to the coast to live with him. I give it a week before the uncle’s motorbike is eaten. Maybe drugs are the answer…..

  4. Two probs – he is a pup and he is a staffy. You need really really tough toys for him – like the Extra Tough (black) Kong toy and most things by Aussie Dog (brand name) – their motto is – “Why buy a toy your dog could destroy in a day?”

    Good luck with the house foundations …

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