The Atheist’s Hymnal – cover versions dedicated to the lord

Warning: safe for atheists and agnostics

Jake hears his calling


I remember the day I became an atheist. I didn’t know the word existed then, but I certainly recall the day in Grade 2 – all of six years of age – sitting in a circle with my classmates listening to the Catholic school primary teacher reading bible stories and thinking – these are just stories. This was in the day when the immaculate conception, virgin birth and all the other miracles were taken as gospel. I mean, taken literally. And the Catholics were good at indoctrination through vivid storytelling. I believe I’m suffering PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) acquired through vicarious trauma from one story told by a nun when I was in Grade 6.  

Anyways, I rather surprised myself today to find that I was listening to a custom music cover version mixtape (ahem, a CD I put together) featuring a few songs that mention the good lord, as the sisters would have thought him.  

So here are three of my favourites.  

  • Personal Jesus by Jazzistic featuring Karen Souza (originally Depeche Mode) 


  • Plastic Jesus by Billy Idol 


See Paul Newman sing Plastic Jesus in the movie Cool Hand Luke  

  •  Dear God by Sarah McLachlan (originally XTC) 


I wonder what The Penguin would say? 



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