Cover Versions – The Rolling Stones

I have posted about covers before but after reading a few blog posts panning the much maligned and misunderstood cover version I just have to share again a few of my favourites.

This post concentrates on covers of The Rolling Stones songs  (and, yes, I know the Stones cover a great many numbers themselves). The following are all excellent covers that are, in my conceitedly assertive and dogmatic very humble opinion, better than the original Stones’ versions. Perhaps it is the strong female voice in each that lends such a contrast. The lyrics are more differentiated and, dare I say it, more emotional than the Mick Jagger strut. Anyhow, check these out and decide for yourself:

  • (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction by Cat Power

Satisfaction by Bjork and PJ Harvey is either loved or hated (you can’t be a middling with this one) but if you know either of the artist’s music, then you will probably love it.

And don’t forget Bette Midler’s Beast of Bourbon and Patti Smith’s Gimme Shelter.

Covers Sites

The best are blogrolled to the right at MUSIC PLAYING AT THE PALACE … or check them out below:



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