When did tv advertising become so watchable?

I could watch this all day …

Thanks to Running Jump

This contrasts so much with a local ad I was rather unfortunate to catch one head cold laden afternoon lounging in front of the television. Picture this –

It is cold in the southern most area of Australia, in winter in the southern hemisphere. Onto the tv comes an older than middle age couple selling their garden nursery products. It happens to be bare-rooted tree planting time.

Their pitch?

To show the older than middle age, rather overweight male running around the garden nursery starkers. Completely starkers. Yep, naked. The private bits were pixellated over.


Yep, I’m still in therapy. My therapist recommends watching the Old Spice ad over and over again to try to block out the unpleasantness of the bare-rooted tree ad. It seems to be working.

For more watchable advertising, check out the Cannes winners for 2010

Enjoy. No therapy needed.


One response to “When did tv advertising become so watchable?

  1. Thanks for the mention RivoliPalace 😉 You’re increasing our traffic 😉 I’m on a horse 😉

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