Definition of the day

Definition of the day:

Accidental users of technology — people whose preference would be to find a way of completing a task that avoids the use of technology, but who are not given a choice.


Hollnagel, E. and Woods, D. (eds) (2005) Joint Cognitive Systems: Foundations of Cognitive Systems Engineering, Boca Raton, FL, CRC Press.

Phil Marsden & Erik Hollnagel, “Human interaction with technology: The accidental user.” Acta Psychologia, Volume 91, Issue 3, April 1996, Pages 345-358.

And … err … no, I haven’t read either … the definition was an accidental find. But a good one!

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4 responses to “Definition of the day

  1. -trips on a rock and lands at the rivoli palace-

    Hm, I like that phrase. Where’d you come across it?

  2. Some article I was reading at work. I will try to find the original from the reference list for you.

    Love your art work particularly the bird sculpture and writers block. Palace visitors – please head on over to check it out.


  3. You’re right. Kobe does look like Henry! Thanks for stopping by Daily Snap.

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