Tripping all over the place

I’ve been everywhere man

I’ve been everywhere

I’m feeling a tad like that right now.  In one week I did 16 hours travel in Queensland, followed by 2.5 days from sunny warm Queensland to cold rainy Melbourne. More travel on the way with a trip over the Bass Strait in a big boat. Snow is predicted for my arrival in Hobart.

Only a week ago I was snorkelling on the southern most tip of the Great Barrier Reef (Lady Elliot Island). Now I’m staring out the café window at ominous grey clouds hanging over the “boat” – the Spirit of Tasmania, and a wild wind blowing the trees about.

… two skinny lattes later …

In my time in central and south east Queensland I had forgotten about icy cold rain, wind that makes your nose go numb (and a delightful shade of red), and then the  overbearingly heated shops and offices that make you (me) strip down to spencer, jeans and boots (the scarf is decorously draped over the spencer. Did you know they make rather nice spencers these days? Today’s has a lacy vneck, while the one I bought to see me through the first day in Tassie is a fairly plain affair that will be dressed up with a funky black and white scarf … and more layers).

Over the next few days / weeks I will endeavour to update you on my travels, with photos and recommendations.

Here’s to a safe passage, or as a friend texted,  enjoy your Antarctic cruise. Ahh, what humour, I say, as I look out at the bleak sky.


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