How to deal with telemarketers

There a number of schools of thought of how to deal with telemarketers.

One friend, who will return items that are not perfect to the McDonald’s teens at the counter, delights in telling telemarketers in no uncertain terms that their services are not required. Thank you. Only in her telling there is no thank you added. She may also add comments about the telemarketer’s nationality.

I can’t do this. I listen politely to the initial spiel, then ask how they got my phone number. I am usually told that it is a computer program that gathers information from the white pages directory. I tell them it is a silent number. And that I pay money to ensure my phone number does not end up in the white pages directory and could they please remove my number from their call list. All said very politely. Result – a polite response and no more calls.

One guy did try pushing his luck – he detailed the K Rudd incentive to install house insulation (this was before Peter Garrett-gate), and that his company could install the insulation for little $$ given such incentives, but I had to be quick. He wasn’t swayed by the silent number speech – he said that I mustn’t have taken up the government offer, hence my phone number being on the list. Cheeky sod. But he said it with a smile in his voice. Given him credit for trying.

I figure it is no use yelling at, cursing, hanging up on, or other such behaviours when the telemarketer calls. They are doing a job. It is unlikely they get paid a huge amount and I appreciate that they would get lots of abusive responses. Usually their response to my politely stated spiel is one of relief. And they are polite back. I don’t care what nationality they are – we live in a multi-cultural society. I do care that I don’t add to the world’s misery. Or at least try not to.

Here are a couple of responses to telemarketers:

The Tom Jones way

The Seinfeld way


One response to “How to deal with telemarketers

  1. Jacqui Jelly Bean

    I agree with you. These people do often ring from India and 3rd world countries but hey they are trying to earn a living to feed themselves and their families (often extended families). Even if they are ringing from Australia at least they are working and not bludging off the money I pay in tax. More power to them! I expect people to be polite to me in my workplace so I do unto others etc etc. Nuff sed.

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