It’s official. I’m a geek.

Australians are early adopters of new technology with market research revealing that three-quarters of Australian online adults now use social technologies, and one-quarter create their own content. Social technologies include weblogs (blogs), podcasts, forums, and social networking sites.

The use of social technologies is now mainstream with Australians spending more hours per week using the internet than watching television. And there is a higher percentage of Australians creating their own web content (26%), compared to Americans (21%).

All of this dinky-di data comes from the Forrestor Research 2008 study Australian Adult Social Technographics® Revealed which was put together to help marketers better target their customers.

While reading the report I was working out where I fit in the categories market researchers like to put us into, so I can be savvy to new or emerging marketing trends and, well, avoid them.

I am, apparently, officially a geek, despite these facts:

  • I started this blog late December 2009 – a late bloomer I would think given a quarter of the population are already doing it
  • I only discovered digital television, the joy of ABC2 and the short-lived fun of watching  the shows from my childhood on GO, over and over again, this year
  • I delayed entering the digital camera age until November 2008
  • I don’t own a Smartphone or proper MP3 player (the iPod Shuffle I bought to take to the gym doesn’t count. Also doesn’t count if I don’t go to the gym)
  • I don’t play computer games, online or otherwise
  • I refuse to facebook or tweet.

 However, I do:

  • Listen to podcasts and watch vodcasts (including ABC iView)
  • Use RSS to organise web material – you can try this by clicking on the orange symbol under TELEGRAMS FROM THE PALACE. Or just click on the link and subscribe
  • Own a HD television
  • Research and/or buy products, travel and financial services online
  • Use internet auctions (I am a top 1,000 reviewer on eBay. I’m so proud. 13 out of 13 people who read my review liked it!)
  • and, well, I am pretty well wedded to the computer / internet.

Given you are reading this – either at the blog or via RSS or via email (all methods to keep up to date with the goings on at Rivoli Palace) – you are one of the 75%.

Now, let’s see if you are one of the 25%. Leave a comment.


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