Thank you Weight Watchers … you brought back the tropical breakfast cereal

Oh, my! I’m not religious so I can’t say my prayers were answered, but something has worked in my favour. Weight Watchers has brought back my favourite brekkie cereal. YEAH! Thank you Weight Watchers. 🙂

To recap the story:

I wrote a blog post about not being able to find my fave breakfast cereal.

Ground breaking, earth shattering journalism.

Err …

Well, maybe, as my little ole blog jumped onto the first page of Google results with my rant. And the blog was only a week old. 

May I say, I have almost daily visitors to this one blog post from people using search terms such as “bland cereal”, “kids throwing temper tantrums” and such like. Sure, those visitors may quickly detour somewhere else; my blog stats don’t tell me that detail. Yet, the blog post must have struck a chord with all five people who did read it.

See Thank you berry much … not  for the original rant ….

The current situation:

I went grocery shopping Wednesday night. And I found Weight Watchers Flakes Tropical, in new light blue coloured packaging. It was sitting alongside the Weight Watchers Berry Flakes, also repackaged in light blue colours.  I’m guessing the net weight is smaller as the box is much smaller than the last, but that is only a guess. Still I bought it.

I tried it this morning. Mmmmm…. Yummm…. Points for Weight Watchers. This one isn’t bland and cardboardy like the berry version I tried in the old blue packaging. I can’t say it is as yummy as the original tropical breakfast cereal, but that is mainly because it is so long since I had it. I do believe the last version had more fruit pieces in it.

The new version comes from New Zealand. I don’t know if that is new.

Have you tried the new (light blue packaging) Weight Watchers Flakes Tropical?

Let me know if you think it is the same as the old version. Or better or worse. And if you are simply trying it for the first time, do you like it?


2 responses to “Thank you Weight Watchers … you brought back the tropical breakfast cereal

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