Update on Ziggy’s progress …

Update Tuesday:

Ziggy is doing well. He has progressed to where they were trying him on a little fluid this afternoon. No vomiting, no diarrhea. Still a while to go, but good to date. I hope to visit him Wednesday.
A few have asked how to manage this on an ongoing basis. From what I have read, and what the vet nurse has told me, it will be a low fat diet. As I mentioned in the previous post, Ziggy’s diet was pretty good anyway. But maybe he is predisposed to the condition. Who knows these things? His digestion wasn’t great and his farts could clear a room (in fact I have had to go inside when he has farted outside), so a new diet may make that better.
The one thing I wasn’t sure about (and I have wondered this a little over the years) was how Bella (the second dog) would cope without Ziggy, top dog. She is fine.
Me? Well, let’s say I lost a little sleep last night. And I jumped a mile when my personal mobile went off when driving this morning.  But Ziggy is in good hands, I like the veterinary staff and Ziggy certainly liked them when he went there for doggy daycare. Not sure if his opinion will change now though.

Update Wednesday:
Ziggy is progressing well. He tolerated water yesterday and today it is food. If that goes well he can come home tomorrow Thursday. If he needs constant watching though, I will ask for him to stay at the vet til I finish work Friday so I can watch him over the weekend.
I asked if I could visit Ziggy today and was told it was best not to. Apparently he took quite a while to settle and while the IV is still in they don’t want him to move around and be unsettled again. Which he would do if I visited him. I know – he would want to jump up and so on. The vet nurse must have heaved a sigh of relief when I said I understood, that I didn’t want to upset Ziggy, and visiting him would be to meet my needs more than his.
All good news with him getting better. I just don’t know if I will be getting him to go back to doggy daycare though … it’s in the same building, with the same staff, as the vet!   🙂


3 responses to “Update on Ziggy’s progress …

  1. Latest update: Ziggy is well and home now. All good.

  2. Jacqui Jelly Bean

    Hope Ziggy is doing well now. Pizza and onion are 2 things that will set off pancreatitis in dogs – especially little ones (dogs that is).

  3. Hey, thanks for that! I knew onion wasn’t good for dogs but didn’t know why. As for pizza … hmmm…

    And yes Ziggy is doing well now. He had a relapse, had more injections and then suffered a bladder infection. Once all that was sorted, he was back to his usual self – annoying me to play fetch!

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