Ziggy not well … at the vet …

I took Ziggy to the vet this morning as he was not his normal self. He didn’t want to play fetch for a start. Anyone who has suffered through his insistence to play – usually by dropping the ball at your foot over and over again while making an ear piercing whining noise – will know this is indeed serious.
All he wanted to do was curl up and sleep. He was also off his food, and most scary, he was vomiting yellow foam. I did an internet search and this meant he was vomiting bile.
So off to the vet we go. Lucky the vet staff know Zigs well from his happy visits to doggy daycare, and could see the vast change in his presentation. Given Ziggy wasn’t forthcoming with any answers, particularly after the vet brought out the thermometer, I had to leave Zigs awaiting blood test results, while I went off to work to earn the money to pay the vet bill.
I managed to limit my phone calls to the vet during the day to only two. Not because I didn’t want to …
So what is ailing Ziggy? Pancreatitis. Yep, that horrible painful and possibly life threatening condition.
He is hooked up to the IV for fluids. He is not allowed food or water, then will be slowly introduced back to food (sounds like that will be a test). Then a low fat diet possibly forever. Scary, since he really had quite a healthy diet, is far from overweight and, as noted, loves his physical exercise.
I am so looking forward to Ziggy coming home again, annoying me incessantly to play fetch.

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