Audiobooks – a great recommendation for long drives – and they are free

I recently spent 24 hours driving, spread evenly over two weekends. The longest drive in one go was 10.5 hours.  I quickly got tired of my music collection and radio reception wasn’t the best in many locations. I find audiobooks as sold in stores rather expensive, though I understand that is a symptom of supply and demand.

The solution?

Cheap (as in free) audiobooks I create myself, from podcasts available for free on the internet.

Now, I have to be the last person to own an iPod. So I have to go ‘old school’ in downloading podcasts and burning them onto CDs. My car stereo also doesn’t play MP3 CDs so I have to make sure I can fit the downloaded material onto one hour length (usually 700 MB) recordable CDs. The below suggested sites fit those CDs perfectly.

For those of you less technologically challenged, just go ahead and download to your iPod and plug said iPod into the car stereo (if yours has this function).

* For those of you wondering what a podcast is, see below for more info.

Highly recommended sources of audiobook material:

PRI Selected Shorts

Selected Shorts is an award-winning, one-hour program featuring readings of classic and new short fiction, recorded live at New York’s Symphony Space.

Confused Couples was the selection I listened to. Brilliantly told, audience laughter (not canned), and storylines I remember still now. A must download.

Chris, this CD is in the post to you, as thanks for putting me onto audiobooks some time ago.

Pet Talk Radio

The team at Pet Talk Radio have produced  285 hour long radio shows so there are plenty to download even though they have temporarily stopped the shows. Dr Harry, Dr Joanne Righetti  and other specialists are guests on the shows. 

More suggestions are professional development (business) pocasts and humour shows (often radio shows reloaded as podcasts).

* Podcast comes from the shortened version of iPOD broadCAST. I never knew that til I researched this blog post.

One definition of a podcast:

A podcast is a pre-recorded audio program that’s posted to a website and is made available for download so people can listen to them on personal computers or mobiles devices. 

You subscribe to a podcast via iTunes or other suitable medium (ahem, my technological knowledge stops at point). 

A  hint to help select podcast episodes that may interest you – click on the small ‘i’ (for information) button to the right of each individual episode to check the content before downloading.

Easy as. Really!  Have fun reading listening.  🙂


2 responses to “Audiobooks – a great recommendation for long drives – and they are free

  1. nice info, thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Annette – look forward to the CD. We would be lost without our books which we get on loan from the library. The MP3 versions make it much easier!

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