Peter Temple – my new fave author

Peter Temple – The Broken Shore

Peter Temple is South African born but Australian claimed, and for good reason. His crime fiction is gritty and real. His treatment of crime, policing and socio / racial issues in the Victorian coastal countryside rang so true I decided then and there Temple must be the best author ever. Add in his writing style and I am enamoured.

I am not a fan of literary prose – any style of writing that gets in the way of following the story doesn’t rock my boat. Temple’s prose is so in tune with the main character, I read in awe. If I was writing novels, I could only dream of emulating Temple.

After all that gush, what is the story about. Doesn’t matter. Try any one of his books. This was my first, and I have followed that up with The Jack Irish Quinella – Bad Debts + Black Tide. I will wait a bit and then try Truth which includes some of the characters from The Broken Shore, and is based in Sydney.

For those who need to know – from the back cover

A wounded cop recovering from life-threatening injuries in the Victorian coastal countryside gets drawn in to the investigation of a murder …

‘The writing is tight, the plot gallops along, the atmosphere is intermittently spooky with truly chilling moments, the characterisation is masterful.’ Kerryn Goldsworthy Australian ‘Books of the Year’

Winner of the Crime Writers’ association Duncan Lawrie Dagger – World’s most prestigious crime writing prize.


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