Please pay the ransom so we don’t have to listen to THAT ad anymore

Ziggy, my designer dog gone wrong, was lying on the lounge having a snooze. Bella, my gorgeous purebred Papillon, was lying on the floor having a bit of a nap. Henry the cat was sleeping on the futon lounge where he spends approximately 20.4437 hours each day, the remainder spent eating, chasing crickets and telling me he wants to eat food or chase crickets. I was on the computer and the tv was on in the background.

Sounds like a relaxing evening after a hard day at work. I was enjoying a glass of Cabernet. The label called it a Roaring Red, so it had to be good, right? And yes it was. All was right with the world.

Then THAT ad came on tv. Ziggy put his head under the cushions on the lounge, Bella left the room and Henry decided to go outside to chase crickets. Me? I’m developing an ulcer. Acid is squelching its way through my digestive system, corroding my insides as it travels, in spurts and spats, in line with whenever THAT ad comes on.

THAT ad is the one where people with incredibly grating voices sing What About Me. The worse the voice the louder the singing. The ad  you have no idea what it is for because you have to leave the room, change the channel, or turn off your hearing aid. *

* In the interests of research for this blog post, I forced myself to watch the full advertisement (I muted the television set). The ad is for an insurance company and is for car insurance. Go figure. 

Perhaps THAT ad will be showcased on The Gruen Transfer as an example of what not to do? What was the advertising company thinking? Was someone having a bad day and wanted to take it out on the rest of us. Sort of like those people who tamper with a company’s products, forcing massive losses as product is removed from shelves unless a ransom is paid. Did the insurance company refuse to pay the ransom? Are we paying the price – damaged eardrums, ulcerated insides, cats and dogs running rampant through the streets escaping the once warm and comfy lounge rooms across the nation?

How do we let the company know how bad this advertisement is? I don’t purchase my insurance through them so I can’t show my displeasure by taking my business elsewhere. Perhaps the television stations will revolt given they are losing their viewers and therefore revenue. They can’t afford to broadcast their top rating shows when viewers are using their remotes to skip to another station.

Please insurance company, don’t make us endure THAT ad anymore. I implore you. Make us feel lucky again.  [I do like the birds ad. That’s a good one!]

Disclosure: I have a strong dislike of the song What About Me. I thought it a whiney, whingey song when it was first released by Moving Pictures way back when, let alone hearing it again as a cover done by someone who was a television show contestant. I went to see Moving Pictures back in their day. I believe I fell asleep. I wasn’t affected by a substance to induce sleepiness – the gig was that bad. Hence I feel the need to disclose such in this rant about THAT ad.

For those who must punish themselves here is the original vid from Moving Pictures for What About Me. At least THAT ad is of shorter duration. This is 3 minutes and 42 seconds of pure torture.

Enjoy, if that is your sort of thing.


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