This little ole blog is on first page of Google search

I checked my blog’s website stats (you know, like, just out of interest) and found a link to Rivoli Palace from Google search. I had to check it out. (Wouldn’t you?)

I typed in the search terms used to get to my site and found that I was on the first page (albeit under the fold) on Google!

I don’t know about you but when Googling I rarely go past the first page on my search for what I’m looking for. There is a whole business set up to help with SEO (search engine optimisation) for those wanting fame and/or fortune and that is helped by first page Google results. Actually, page rank is what they are after, but that’s digression into factual territory, and nothing to do with my boastful blog post here today.
Anyways, here, with my week old blog, I get first page Google result with a little rant about my breakfast cereal.
This just made my day! 🙂
Disclaimer: Okay the search terms used were not those that are going to lead to fame and/or fortune (unless I was in the breakfast cereal business) but that kind of detail simply ruins a good story!

One response to “This little ole blog is on first page of Google search

  1. Had a quiet day off the web today. Just thought I would check in after yesterday’s excitement. Not so many visitors as yesterday.


    Rivoli Palace comes up as the first item on Google for the search terms “weight watchers berry flakes”.

    Above the fold. Headliner! Woohoo!

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