Her left hand rested on the counter. The nails were carefully manicured, the french tips just longer than the tips of her fingers. Heavy creases, blue veins and tendons stood out across the back of her hand, showing a life lived longer than her face showed.

She tapped her fingers, waiting for the attendant. “I could be in Siberia for all the attention I get round here.”

“It’s a long queue today. Longer than yesterday. We could freeze waiting out in the cold like this.” The old man standing behind her huddled further into his coat.

“No Ma’am,” the attendant looked up. “We don’t exchange Siberian dollars here.”


More flash fiction / short stories at The Writing on the (Palace) Wall


3 responses to “Hands

  1. I am fascinated about your blog and you! How can I find out more? You can certainly use my latest Illustration Friday image but, being vain, I’d be grateful if you gave me a bit of acknowledgment somewhere! Look forward to more!

    • Absolutely – will acknowledge artist and link to your website. Thanks! 🙂

      Sorry about the loss of your dog. The Springer Spaniel is a gorgeous looking dog. I rescued one once (well, it found me, and I left it with a neighbour while I went to work and she found him a new owner when no one claimed him at the RSPCA, so it ended well). You can see the pets of the palace at – About the Palace. Right royal they think they are too.

      Me? Not terribly fascinating I’m afraid. I have no artistic skills but love writing. I have been on holidays so what do I do? Write. Weird. But the weather hasn’t been great (rainy summer days in the southern hemisphere) so staying indoors in the aircon in front of the computer seems like a great idea. Which of course is what led me to asking to use Infinite in an upcoming blog. The rain. The dogs. The cat. All coming in after delicately picking their way through the wet grass and mud. Infinite is definitely the word.

  2. Sorry, went back to look; you were wanting the “Infinite” image. I think it’s funny too! We lost our older dog at the beginning of December; grim. But we have a 14 month old Springer Spaniel who keeps one busy.

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