Thank you berry much … not

There was great excitement in the cereal aisle at the supermarket the other day when I saw the distinctive blue packaging of the Weight Watchers breakfast cereal. It was not the loo roll tasting fibre flakes version so it had to be … please let it be …

Oh, no, what loss. It wasn’t the much loved and missed Weight Watchers Tropical Breakfast Cereal.

I’m 43 years old and I wanted to throw a temper tantrum in the cereal aisle, like the three year old just around the corner in the lolly aisle. Feet stamping, yelling over the 80s easy listening soundtrack playing over the speakers, full blown, ‘I want’ tantrum.

So what is the Weight Watchers breakfast cereal now available? It is a berry version. Just like every other breakfast cereal trying to capture the health conscious but still want taste and can afford it market. The image on the cereal box shows what looks to be a delicious spoonful of flakes, milk unnaturally jumping into the air, real blueberries and what looks to be a raspberry. The packaging reads

Strawberry infused cranberries blended through crisp cereal flakes baked in fruit juice

Sounds great.

I bought it.

Tried it this morning.

It tasted flat.

Despite Choice Magazine’s finding that Weight Watchers Berry Flakes include artificial cranberries that contain more sugar than cranberry. Tsk Tsk Weight Watchers.

 Why does everything have to be berry this, berry that, blueberries that cost more than gold per ounce, karakaberries (I bought them thinking they were mulberries), and frozen berries of every colour and packaging style (individual serves, bulk packaging, resealable packaging).

Yes, I know studies have shown berries to be high in antioxidants.

Yes, I know they add colour to the otherwise bland looking shades of loo roll in the cereal bowl.

Yes, I know they add flavour and sweetness (or should).

I just want my Weight Watchers Tropical Breakfast Cereal back.


4 responses to “Thank you berry much … not

  1. Love the tantrummy face. (How did you, halfway across the world, manage to get a snap of my child?)

  2. I want to know how the cartoon artist managed to get such a good likeness of me. I don’t believe I’ve ever met him/her.

  3. For all those lovers of the Weight Watchers Tropical breakfast cereal (and I know there a quite a few of you out there – well, Shirley and Kacey are two I know), I saw an ad on tellie for Just Right Tropical breakfast cereal. I will see if it is in at the supermarket next grocery shop day and let you know the outcome of the taste test.

  4. I tried the Just Right Tropical breakfast cereal a while ago and I didn’t like it. I know this is only my personal taste, but no, not for me.

    For those who want to know – it tasted like they drowned the flakes in very sweet fruit juice.

    If you try it, let me know what you think.

    Your personal breakfast cereal taste tester.
    Rivoli Palace

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