Welcome to 2010

Ahh, but twas just a few moments ago 2009 was starting. Where has the year gone? I can’t remember Easter. Did we have it already?

With the start of a new year we make resolutions we are unlikely to keep – lose weight, get fit, stop procrastinating and get on with study instead of idling away hours on the computer – umm, where were we? – ah, yes, new years resolutions.

What will yours be?

2 responses to “Welcome to 2010

  1. No New Year Resolutions. I love the number 2010. It has balance. A little bit of the glass half full/half empty. I hope the year slows a little. I agree that we may have skipped last Easter. I know we were at the Gold Coast last year but everyone that went could not remember if it was Easter, New Year, Aust. Day, or just a long weekend for us. Time to stop and smell the roses me thinks – or stop and enjoy a great weekend and remember the reason for the break! Maybe that should be my New Years Resolution?

  2. Nope, still can’t remember Easter. I do however remember a great long weekend where a group of us went to Queenscliffe to go on the Blues Train. Was brilliant. The bands, the drive along Great Ocean Road, the pubs with great roaring fires and even roarier red wine, cafes with character. Every where we went, there was an experience. Even the house we stayed in (we weren’t used to central heating and being Qlders visiting the southern most coast bar the Antarctic, we had it set to 32 degrees) and the Tarago van we hired and travelled in.

    That was the year before, though, so nope, still nothing in the memory banks for 2009.

    I agree Judy, I love the roundness of the number 2010. ‘Tweny ten’ is so much easier to say than ‘two thousand and nine’. Twill be an interesting decade.

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