The middle age conundrum

I recently read a blog post where the woman was asking when does she stop calling herself middle aged and call herself old aged instead. 

This woman was only in her forties. But she had done the maths and decided she was well and truly on her way to old age. And so she likely is.   

Me? I haven’t decided if I have even reached middle age yet. I am 43 years old young and don’t feel middle aged.   

So what is middle age?   

First up, let’s take the mathematics out of it. What does a search on Google Images come up with?   




 Not pretty, huh? And I deliberately left out quite a few more.   

I do have to admit to the middle age spread. That started in my late 30s. (By the way, my calculation of the ‘early’, ‘mid’ and ‘late’ age decade is straightforward. I will be in my early 40s right up to about a week before my 45th birthday, then in my mid 40s til I reach 49. Simple.) I blame the spread on no longer going to see bands / no longer going to clubs and dancing the night away. Possibly because 1) the music suddenly became crap and 2) I couldn’t stay up late enough to when the bands came on.   

And yep the invisibility certainly occurs. I know that if a younger person is checking me out it is only to see if I could be a friend of their parents and whether they should skedaddle real quick lest they be caught doing something they shouldn’t. Middle aged males (even those with the comb over and middle age spread) don’t look at middle aged women. Well, rarely. I daresay Susan Sarandon and Helen Mirren are examples of the exception to the rule.   

And we shan’t talk about hair. Hair loss is not my problem. ‘Nuff said.   

So are we back at maths to explain what middle age is? Can’t do. The advances in medicine leading to enhanced longevity are too great to back that one. We are not counting Botox here. Nor if you smoke, don’t exercise, eat poorly, and walk in front of buses.   

Perception seems to be the key. With self perception we are back to that old saying – you are only as old as you feel … or think you should feel.   

The perception of others will always depend upon their own self perception. So unless you are dreadfully insecure, probably best to ignore that too. If you are that insecure, best not watch any Susan Sarandon or Helen Mirren movies.    

A Google Image search item that may well sum up how I feel – 



2 responses to “The middle age conundrum

  1. Middle Age. I think it depends on what age you are in the middle of. But it does give you freedom to do things – like walk in puddles – and enjoy and not have people think it is “cute”. Someone said tonight that they were out recently with two other mates and one thought that they should be careful as some of the crowd around looked a little rough. Then they remembered that they were 60 and no would likely pick a fight with them! You do forget what age you are. Isn’t that a lovely thing to happen?

  2. Err… you know the comment about hair …

    Hair: The Non-Musical

    “I’m driving the other day with the sunroof open … As I glance in the rear view mirror, the sunlight hits my face at just the right angle and [cue slasher theme from “Psycho”] I make the grisly discovery that I am the fourth member of ZZ Top.”

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